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God my rock!

God my rock’ (P. Baloche & B. Brown)

We need a rock in our life!

Something to cling to in times of trouble!

When my heart is overwhelmed I will look to you alone. God my rock’ (God my rock – 2012 – Paul Baloche & Brenton Brown).

As I look at my life, there is only one thing that has been constant throughout, and that is God.

Even when I did not think about him when I was younger, and I never went to church, never even thought about reading the Bible, and never prayed, but, God was still always there, waiting for me.

O Lord you have searched me and known me!’ (Psalm 1139:1 ESV).

So, even though I knew very little about God when I was younger, he still knew me, intimately.

You… are acquainted with me’ (Psalm 139:3 ESV).

Even more, he knew every fibre of my being, because he formed my body;

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb’ (Psalm 139:13 ESV).

God knew and still knows every little detail about my life, and yours, and now that I have a relationship with my maker, I understand that he has always been there with me, he truly was and is my rock.

 ‘The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge’ (Psalm 18:1 NIV).

I know that I can place my trust in God, and he will never let me down, and always be there for me.

You will stand when others fall, you are faithful through it all’ (God my rock – 2012 – Paul Baloche & Brenton Brown).

I call out to God regularly, whether in the good times, and I call out with thanks, or the bad times when I cry out in pain;

In the blessing, in the pain, through it all You’ve never failed me… … … Carried through the darkest storms – You have held me in Your arms – God my rock’ (God my rock – 2012 – Paul Baloche & Brenton Brown).

No matter what has happened in my life, and what happens in yours, we can always remember what the Psalmist knew;

I called to the LORD, who is worthy of praise’ (Psalm 18:3 NIV).

God is indeed worthy of our praise. He is worthy of so much more than we give him, and he is always there, ready to listen to us, and it does not matter where we are. We do not have to be in a church to speak to God, we can be anywhere;

Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth I call to you’ (Psalm 61:1-2 NIV).

And I know that God listens, and I know that he answers prayer, in his own time not ours, so we have to be patient, but I also know;

I can rely on You’ (God my rock – 2012 – Paul Baloche & Brenton Brown).

When trouble assails us, where do we turn? Do we turn to family or friends? Maybe we do, and maybe it helps a little. But if we want hope in any situation, then we need God;

For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him’ (Palm 62:5 ESV).

Everyone needs something in their life that is un-moving, firm, reliable, always there, rock-like. I used to think that was my dad, but then he died and was not there anymore, there was just a massive hole where he used to be. I got past that and grew up, and I now know that I had two dads, my earthly one, and my heavenly dad, so even when my earthly father died, my heavenly father was still there for me, even if at the time I did not realise it.

I know that God is there for me;

he is my mighty rock’ (Psalm 62:7 NIV).

And I know that whatever happens, he has a plan for my life and everybody’s life (Jeremiah 29:11) and if we let him, he will lead us and teach us what we need to know (Psalm 32:8). I also know that he will always be there for us, whatever happens (Hebrews 13:5).

There is no one as true. Jesus I trust in You’ (God my rock – 2012 – Paul Baloche & Brenton Brown).



Who is this King of glory, Maker of all the heavens
Author of all creation, what is his name?
Who is the One who formed us, made us into His image?
At who’s voice will all of heaven one day bow in praise?

His name is Wonderful, his name is Counsellor
His name is Prince of peace, the Living Word
His name is Mighty God, eternal Father
His name is Jesus, His name is LORD

Who is this King of Glory, born to the virgin Mary
Who’s simple words could raise the dead and heal the lame?
He gave His life for many, was crucified and buried
But on the third day He rose up from the grave.

Ransomed for my release, He died to set me free
Oh how amazing is my Saviour’s love for me

His name is wonderful (Our God is Near #5)

Brenton Brown



Father we thank you for being unmovable. We thank you for always being there for us. Lord you are our rock, in good times, in bad times, all the time. Lord you are amazing, and we thank you for loving us and sending your son to die for us. There is no-one as true, Jesus we love you!


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